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Responsibilities:Lagos State Emergency Management Agency

1) Be the umbrella body to co-ordinate the activities of relevant agencies in prevention and management of disasters in the State.

2) For the development of loss prevention programmes and procures necessary technology to mitigate identified emergency situation.

3) Prompt and adequate response as well as sustained interventions in any form of emergency or disaster in the State.

4) Co-ordinates activities of stakeholders and NGOs who jointly carry out strategies for emergency/disaster management in the State.

5) Provides relief materials/financial assistance to victims of various disasters in the State.

6) Respond promptly to any emergency at hand, which includes but is not limited to the following;

i. Fire fighting (co-ordinate with fire services).

ii. Flood Control

iii. Collapsed Building

iv. Evacuation

v. Search and Rescue Operations

vi. Environmental Pollution

vii. Crowd control/cordon off affected areas.

viii. Public enlightenment on safety issues.

ix. Perform general life saving activities including provision of relief materials.

x. Clear and remove objects that constitute the carcass or remains of incidents.

1) Office of the General Manager
2) Administration and Human Resources Department
3) Operation and Logistics Department

4) Planning, Research and Statistics Department
5) Accounts Department
6) Public Affairs Unit
7) Learning & Development Unit (Training)
8) Monitoring and Surveillance Unit
9)Procurement Unit

10) Audit Unit

11) ICT unit

12) Legal Unit


Vision: For prompt, effective/efficient response to emergency/disaster management in the State.

Mission: “To institutionalize an emergency management plan that would foster political commitment awareness and participation, inter-sectorial and agency collaboration and sustainable development including protection of life, property and the environment”.

Goal: To manage and mitigate emergency/disaster in the State.

Policy Thrust: To respond promptly and adequately to all forms of Emergency/Disaster situation in the State.


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