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Mr. Hassan Kazeem Abiodun – Head, Procurement

A Graduate of Chemistry (HND) from Yaba College of Technology in 1998, Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration in 2004 from Lagos State University, Ojo, Mr. Hassan joined the Lagos State Civil Service as a Scientific Officer I GL 08 in October 2000 at the Ministry of the Environment.

He later became the Head of Unit for Environmental Services Consultancy Unit (ESCU) charged with the mandate of collecting waste within the Secretariat and its environ (2000-2004) which led to his elevation to the head Highways Sanitation Gang, charged with the mandate of collecting waste on our major highways (2004-2007)

Mr. Hassan K. A. was deployed to the Ministry of Health in December 2007 and assigned to a project, Health System Development Project –II, to serve as the procurement Officer which ended in September 2010

He has worked in various capacities at different MDAs before being deployed to Lagos State Emergency Management Agency as the Head of Procurement Unit till date.

Mr Hassan Kazeem Abiodun, a member of Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and a Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management of Nigeria.

The Deputy Director of Procurement has attended several courses, conferences and seminars, among which is the Public Procurement in a Depressed Economy, Effective Negotiation in Contract and supply chain
Management, Project Management and Procurement for pubic – private partnership project, leadership Success through Synergy, performance in Public Sector Development, Workshop on specialized training on
procurement in the health sector to mention but few.

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